Ryan Reynolds

BS Entomology, Cornell University, Ithaca  Entomology, 2013                 

Research Interests

Social insects are prime examples of cooperative behavior and are ecologically dominant players in many ecosystems. But not all is as it seems and insect societies aren't always as harmonious as they appear. Sisters will fight sisters and their mother over reproductive output.  I'm currently working to understand the genetic mechanisms underpinning aggression, social dominance, and reproduction in Bombus terrestris (Buff-tailed bumble bee).  These studies can help us understand how cooperation and conflict are balanced in social insect colonies, and how these systems evolved.   


Meinig Family of National Scholars 2009-2013     

Outstanding TA – Cornell Entomology 2013        

Meinig Scholar Summer Research Grant 2012    

VP & President of the Snodgrass & Wigglesworth Entomology Club 2010-2012  

National Honor Society 2008-2009   

Interamerican University Studies Institute 2007