Melanie Kammerer


M.S. Ecology, Pennsylvania State University (2013)

B.S. Agroecology with minors in Agronomy and Plant Pathology, Schreyer Honors College, Pennsylvania State University (2011)


Research Interests

I’m broadly interested in ecosystem services provided by plant communities in agricultural landscapes and the role of crop and non-crop habitats in supporting beneficial insects. My PhD focuses on understanding how both local site conditions and landscape features provision diverse, abundant wild bee communities. I use a combination of field data, statistical, and spatial modeling approaches to make predictions about wild bee responses to floral resources and abiotic factors at multiple scales. I’m aiming to improve the cost-effectiveness of pollinator conservation in agricultural landscapes by helping famers strategically locate new plantings for bees based on existing resources.


I really enjoy quantitative projects am struck by the compelling potential of pairing field data and models to generate new hypotheses and support applied decision making. Leading into my main PhD focus, I was involved in a landscape modeling project looking at the potential effect of herbicide drift on field edge plants and pollinators in the mid-west USA, and during my M.S. work I studied the role of plant diversity in supporting wild bees in Pennsylvania apple production. When not working I enjoy hiking, gardening, music, ballroom dance and ballet.

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Joshi NK, T Leslie, EG Rajotte, MA Kammerer, M Otieno, DJ Biddinger. 2015. Comparative Trapping Efficiency to Characterize Bee Abundance, Diversity, and Community Composition in Apple Orchards. Annals of the Ent Society of America. 108:785–799.


2017- Apes Valentes Research Grant, Center for Pollinator Research, Department of Entomology, Penn State University


2016- ‘Tag Along’ International Travel Award, College of Agricultural Science International Programs Office, Penn State University


2016- Sahakian Family Endowment Graduate Education International Travel Award, College of Agricultural Science, Penn State University


2015- Dorothy Anderson Graduate Fellowship for Women Recruitment Award, Penn State University Graduate School