Allyson Ray.jpg

Allyson Ray


PhD student in Molecular Cellular and Integrative BioSciences (MCIBS)

co-advised by Jason Rasgon



2016 - BS with Highest Distinction in Molecular and Cellular Biology, BS in Psychology University of Illinois 



I am broadly interested in the evolutionary interplay between pathogens/parasites and their hosts, utilizing honey bees and their network of parasites and vectors as a model system. What factors determine the success of a pathogens, parasites, and disease vectors over a host? What influences host survival and evolution? How do these features all interact within the superorganism colony? I am investigating these questions through the integration of multiple aspects of bee biology, utilizing genomic and experimental evolution methods to investigate these complex and dynamic processes.



David A. Galbraith, Zachary L. Fuller, Allyson M. Ray, Axel Brockmann, Maryann Frazier, Mary W. Gikungu, J. Francisco Iturralde Martinez, Karen M. Kapheim, Jeffrey T. Kerby, Sarah D. Kocher, Oleksiy Losyev, Elliud Muli, Harland M. Patch, Cristina Rosa, Joyce M. Sakamoto, Scott Stanley, Anthony D. Vaudo, Christina M. Grozinger. “Investigating the viral ecology of global bee communities with high-throughput metagenomics.” Scientific reports 8.1 (2018): 8879.

Julia D. Fine, Hagai Y. Shpigler, Allyson M. Ray, Nathanael J. Beach, Alison Sankey, Amy Cash-Ahmed, Zachary Y. Huang, Ieva Astrauskaite, Ran Chao, William Streyer, Huimin Zhao, and Gene E. Robinson. “Quantifying the Effects of Pollen Nutrition on Honey Bee Queen Egg Laying with a New Laboratory-Based System.” PloS one 13.9 (2018): e0203444.



2018 - Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research Award

2017 - Braddock Scholarship Award 

2016 - Undergraduate Research Achievement Award