Allyson Ray.jpg

Allyson Ray


PhD student in Molecular Cellular and Integrative BioSciences (MCIBS)

co-advised by Jason Rasgon



2016 - BS with Highest Distinction in Molecular and Cellular Biology, BS in Psychology University of Illinois 



I am broadly interested in the evolutionary interplay between pathogens/parasites and their hosts, utilizing honey bees as a model system. What factors determine the success of a pathogens, parasites, and disease vectors over its host? What influences the survival and evolution of a host? How do these features all interact within the colony? I am investigating these topics through the integration of multiple aspects of bee biology, including genomics, parasite/pathogen interactions, and experimental evolution. I have been examining the potential pathogenicity of putative novel viruses as well as their prevalence and distribution across US apiaries. Additionally, I am working with members of the Rasgon lab to develop generalized genome editing methods in arthropods. 



2018 - Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research Award

2017 - Braddock Scholarship Award 

2016 - Undergraduate Research Achievement Award