Emily Erickson



2015 BS International Agricultural Development, minors Community Nutrition, Insect Biology, The University of California, Davis



My current research is examining the interaction between different pollinator functional groups and ornamental plant species. I will be observing plants in field and controlled settings and doing nutritional analyses on the nectar and pollen reward. This study will identify species and cultivars of flowering plants to support pollinator populations in urban landcapes. We will determine which plant features predomindate pollinator choice. The findings from this project will assist growers in developing production practices that reduce the exposure of pollinators to potentially harmful pesticides. This project is supported by funding from the Horticultural Research Institute and USDA-APHIS.

In future projects, I plan to test if there is a link between selected nutrient profiles in field studies and pollinator fitness with a focus on fecundity and lifespan of solitary insects.



2017 - Sigma Xi Grants in Aid of Research

2017 - William Yendol Memorial Research Award for attending the American Museum of Natural History Bee Course , Department of Entomology, Pennsylvania State University, PA

2017 – Sahakian Family Endowment for Graduate Education in Agriculture Sciences Scholarship (Travel Award to present at ESA Annual Meeting in Denver, CO), College of Agriculture, Pennsylvania State University, PA