BRyce Buck


B.S Physical/Environment Geography focused on landscape ecology with minors in GIS and wildlife & fisheries science. (anticipated 2020)

I am interested in landscape ecology and the function that pollinators have on the world around us. Since joining the Grozinger Lab, I have aided in the creation of various maps, conducted soil sampling, and collected, processed, and pinned thousands of bee specimens from New York state. I am familiar with GIS software, entomology lab techniques, and plant care.

My research focuses on the relationship between soils and pollinator behavior. In collaboration with Melanie Kammerer Allen, I have grown two species of plants in a multitude of sampled soils from the Finger Lakes region of New York to understand their influences on plant growth, floral resources, and pollinator visitation.


Apes Valentes Undergraduate Research Award (2018)

G.D. Richardson and Kathy LaSauce Undergraduate Scholarship (2018)

Schreyer Academic Scholar